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The Lion and the Leopard is an ongoing collection of tales about life and leadership rooted in real experiences from the corporate executive suite to the African savannah. Sometimes thrilling, sometimes outrageous, and sometimes unfortunate at first, they all pay forward a lesson or two learned in the path less trodden. As I’ve always admired the “from the field” documentation styles of great explorers and thinkers, these tales also include drawings and visuals I’ve captured along the way that help illustrate the spirit of the story.

The Thesis

Life is often portrayed as black and white, left and right, or right and wrong. The result is finding oneself often being stuck between a rock and a hard place, or as some say, “between the lion and the leopard.” This could be wrangling an issue between the CEO and their board, pleasing both Client and Wall Street, or creating magic between the local school district and their spirited community. But real success is usually found creating solutions somewhere between the two.

Thank you for reading and considering how we might apply the principles to make a meaningful impact on life, leadership, and health. Enjoy the journey, and good luck.