The Author

Kalen Stanton is a Managing Partner leading health care at Root, a part of Accenture, which is the preferred strategy activation consultancy for over 75 of Fortune 100 companies globally. He is often called upon to speak on various topics for organizations navigating change, and he partners closely with CEOs and their leadership teams to define, align on, and advance their strategies. Kalen’s passion is unlocking human potential at the intersection of great endeavors, leaders, and their teams. He attended Vanderbilt University’s Owen Graduate School of Management in Nashville, TN, as well as Furman University in Greenville, SC, for undergraduate studies.

Kalen spends as much time as he can adventuring through life with his forgiving spouse, two fearless daughters, and determined son. He also supports the work of Global Connections, a not for profit (NGO) helping many around the world to learn and serve with widows and underprivileged children. Limited free time includes camping, hunting, music, writing, and enjoying the company of relentless possibilitarians.